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The stunning Fariña Toro property currently houses state of the art technology which sits perfectly in amongst some of the oldest vineyards in Spain. Fariña was the first producer to introduce stainless steel, temperature controlled fermentation tanks into the region of Toro almost 30 years ago. The 2300 barriques are stores up to 5 metres underground in temperature and humidity controlled conditions. The oaked used is mostly French and American although interesting results are being produced from experiments with Rumanian oak.

French oak wooden tanks or "tinos" each with a capacity of 16,000 litres have been especially handcrafted for Fariña. The premium wines undergo malolactic fermentation here in addition to being blended after barrel ageing to avoid being blended in stainless steel tanks where static electicity unnerves the wine.

Manuel Fariña's passion and ongoing experiments are focused here in the barrel cellar. Given the region's limited varietals, it is important to work in depth with different oaks, different toasts and different origins to add extra complexity to the wines. There are currently 16 different types of barrels in the cellar.



Bodegas Fariña (D.O. TORO)
Camino del Palo s/n
49.800 Toro (Zamora - Spain)

Bodegas Fariña (Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León)
Crtra. de Moraleja s/n
49.151 Casaseca de las Chanas (Zamora - Spain)

Tel: +34 980 57 76 73 Fax: +34 980 57 77 20

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