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Art Gallery

In 1995, a Dutch importer charged Manuel Fariña with the task of making a carbonic maceration wine. Thus was born Fariña's Primero, meaning First in Spanish. This is the first wine released every vintage during the first week of November every year.

It is made using the "intracellular fermentation" method which consists in putting the WHOLE grapes into the fermentation tank which is full of carbonic gas. This method produces wines of enormous fruit character. From the birth of PRIMERO, the label has been linked to the world of art. The Dutch painter Van der Braak was the first artist to create the artwork for the Primero label. Later other artists, such as the Salamanca born Salud Parada or the Zamora based Fernando Lozano Bordell, were charged with the task of creating a piece of art to dress the Primero bottles.


In 2006 the winery decided to create the National Abstract Art Competition to search for the art work that best captures the spirit of Primero. The competition offers 3,000EUR cash prize for the winner along with the prestige of being displayed on 150,000 wine labels. Primero is sold all over Spain and is exported to several countries around Europe, Mexico and Japan.


The jury carefully selects 40 finalists from all the entries. These 40 paintings form the year long exhibition in the art gallery in the winery in Toro. The exhibition aims to encourage the cultural exchange between the world of wine and the world of art. The exhibition also aims to show the different artistic visions of Fariña's youngest wine, El Primero.

Art Gallery


Bodegas Fariña (D.O. TORO)
Camino del Palo s/n
49.800 Toro (Zamora - Spain)

Bodegas Fariña (Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León)
Crtra. de Moraleja s/n
49.151 Casaseca de las Chanas (Zamora - Spain)

Tel: +34 980 57 76 73 Fax: +34 980 57 77 20

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