Bodegas Fariña

“Everything starts with a great dream and great hope: to make a wine that expresses the personality of our land and show it off around the world.” This dream of my father’s, Manuel Fariña, was the starting point of what we are today, what Bodegas Fariña has become.

A family winery, with a great team of professionals. A big family. Attached to the land and our roots. Proud of our legacy. Proud of having always supported our local area, of having chosen to stay here when there was still so much left to do, proud of being some of the founders of a Protected Designation of Origin: Toro.

We love what we do. We are driven by our dream. We are passionate about wine and grapevines. Because we are winegrowers. We cultivate over 300 hectares of our own vineyards, where we practice modern, sustainable and technological winegrowing, with the aim of achieving maximum quality from our local variety, Tinta de Toro, and focusing the production of each plot towards different wines, with their own personality. Because innovation is in our DNA.

And we keep dreaming.

Our Wines

Wine Tourism Experiences

Visits during harvest

If you like the world of wine and would like to learn more about the production process, this is the best time.

For the harvest, Bodegas Fariña is organising special visits so that wine lovers can discover it first hand, from the harvesting of the grape from the grapevine to the wine making in the production area and the ageing in the winery.

From Bodegas Fariña’s director of development and innovation, Manu Fariña, of the third generation of the Fariña family dedicated to wine, you will be able to discover first-hand the history of Toro wine and this winery, with over 75 years of history, as well as the painstaking production process its wines undergo.

Visits take place in small groups. Limited spaces.


  • 11:00am: Welcome in our Toro winery and set off towards the vineyard.
  • We start the guided tour of our Aldeanuevica vineyard, a 140 hectare plot, including 72 hectares of vines of the Tinta de Toro variety.


-Tasting and explanation of the different grape varieties: Manu Fariña explains the particularities and differences between different grape varieties. As well as tasting the different varieties, during the visit to the vineyard, an appetiser will be served, the ‘harvester's lunch’, based on grapes, local Zamorano cheese and bread, paired with different Fariña wines.

- Harvest workshop, for visitors to pick their own bunch of grapes to take home in a basket as a souvenir of their visit.

  • Guided tour of the Toro winery to discover the production process of the wines and visit the Wine-Art Museum, comprised of ‘El Primero’ Temporary Abstract Painting Exhibition (held every year with a selection of artworks presented to the El Primero National Painting Contest) and a collection of our own old winemaking tools and machinery.
  • Traditional cuisine paired with different wines in the winery. **See menu


  • Children under 5: free
  • Children between 5-17 years: 30€
  • Adults: 54€

“Come and visit us and have your own experience”.

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Today, Toro is one of the most well-known winegrowing regions in the world. In the last few years, the TORO D.O. has come out of obscurity to become one of the focal points of the world's winegrowing scene, thanks to its high quality wines with unmistakeable personality.


Our commitment to quality and improving our processes and facilities has manifested in the renewal our BRC and IFS certifications, something that has been possible thanks to the large team of professionals whose eagerness and commitment are one of Bodegas Fariña's greatest assets.